Global Fixed Income Capital Partners Ltd.



Our team is made up of some of the leading lawyers and advisors in International debt capital markets and specialist debt capital markets (securitisation and structured products). Our senior advisors have led some of the largest legal and banking capital markets teams at some of the largest International law firms and investment banks in the world earning them numerous industry wide acknowledgments. A number of our senior lawyers and advisors have built and led some of the top securitisation, structured products and debt capital markets teams in the world.  The diversity of the team assembled for your transactions reflects the multi-dimensional approach we can bring to any capital markets solution. 

​Personal Service 

Whether our client is a large financial institution, government or quasi government entity or corporate, delivering value to our clients is our foremost goal when assisting in developing and implementing optimal debt capital markets, securitisation and structured finance funding solutions.

​Street Experience 

​Personal Service 

Delivering Value to our clients 

Personal service is one of the hallmarks of delivering bespoke products to our clients.  Each transaction is unique to our client's goals and business and as such deserves the personal commitment and high level of expertise necessary to ensure its implementation.

Each transaction is staffed with the optimal combination of senior, mid-level and junior expertise to ensure value is delivered to our clients.  However, having a client partner who has specialised in debt capital markets and specialist debt capital markets for over 20 years provides a unique market and corporate insight into your transaction and how it can be integrated with our clients opreations.

Our team has the experience and the critical mass necessary to provide clients with advice on all aspects of International debt capital markets, securitisation and structured products, as well as the deal experience to ensure that products are brought to market with a time sensitive focus.

Our clients seek our unique “Street experience” and the sophisticated business perspective we offer.  This is especially critical in projects of this nature.

GFI is committed to building a deeper relationship with its clients as a key member of your team.  As such we believe that this can only happen if you, the client, is not only extremely happy about the outcome of product but also about the cost of the project.  

Our client partners business background and "street experience" ensures that they understand the importance of certainty of fees to our clients.

​Certainty of Fees 

​Specific Experience