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​Asset Classes 

GFI has extensive experience in most asset classes including but not limited to:

  • Automobile loans and leases;
  • Floor-plan leases;
  • Residential mortgages;
  • Commercial mortgages;
  • Credit card receivables;
  • Trade receivables;
  • Franchise receivables;
  • Intellectual property receivables; 
  • Consumer loans;
  • Equipment loans 
  • Student loans 
  • Insurance receivables; 
  • Rail-car receivables; 
  • Aircraft leases;
  • Mobile receivables; 
  • Hospital receivables; and 
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage receivables; 




The advisors within our asset securitization practice have grown beyond the traditional asset classes and cover numerous esoteric and bespoke asset classes, as set out below. Our advisors have securitized assets in numerous jurisdictions including Russia and the CIS, most of continental Europe, the UK, the U.S., Japan, Australia, and Canada. GFI has significant expertise in dealing with the uniqueness of securitizing assets in developing countries. Our advisors have been involved in numerous world-renowned securitization financings (e.g Eurotunnel securitization, European Airline restructuring including securitizing most of their fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, the first public Russian bank securitization, and the first Kazakhstan bank securitization, all as set out below), have often built and led some of the largest securitization teams in the world and have received numerous industry recognition awards (e.g: deal of the year (IFR), Leading Individual (Legal 500) and Leader in their Field (Chambers). 

The advisors in our asset securitization practice have extensive multi-seller asset-backed commercial paper experience. Our lawyers have set up over 20 bank-sponsored asset-backed commercial paper programs in Europe and the U.S. Additionally our advisors have been involved in excess of U.S. $100 billion worth of securitizations into those bank-sponsored conduits. 

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